Meghan sees us through our first ten years!

19th December 2019  |  OUR STORIES

In March 2010 we accepted our first ever member, Meghan Purvis, who remains a member to this day! Meghan says:

Meghan Purvis“I actually knew already that I was member #1; it’s been a point of pride for me! Rarely has being a night owl paid off so handsomely; I was up late one night and saw a Guardian article about the HCA being formed, and so¬†clicked through to join, apparently before anyone else. I joined the HCA as a very enthusiastic amateur, and I’m rather pleased to say that that’s where I remain, albeit an amateur across more disciplines! I’ve been knitting for the last twenty years, but thanks to the HCA I’ve also explored spinning, embroidery, basket weaving, and spoon carving. Each time I try a new craft, I’m reminded of the dedication and skill of heritage crafts, and I’m so grateful to the HCA and the people in it for sharing their knowledge and artistry. I hadn’t realised it had been ten years already, though; congratulations to all of you!”

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We have been counting down some of the highlights of our first ten years on social media.