Forging a future for glassblowing

15th October 2018  |  OUR STORIES

From Chemistry World, reproduced with permission.

Glass ceilings

Terri Adams

Terri Adams became a glassblower after becoming fascinated by a glassware display

Terri Adams from the University of Oxford, UK, ‘stumbled’ into scientific glassblowing. She was touring the University of Bristol’s chemistry department while waiting to take up a job in forensic science. ‘I had never seen anything like the complexity of the glassware items which were on display, let alone given a thought to how they’d been designed and made or by whom,’ she recalls. ‘I was completely captivated and spent a significant amount of time talking to the glassblower at the display.’ She then saw an advert for a trainee scientific glassblowing technician at Bristol and applied for the role. ‘The rest, as they say, is history.’

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