Training bursary for Wales

19th May 2023  |  ANNOUNCEMENTS

Ashley Family FoundationDeadline: 5pm on Friday 8 September 2023

These training bursaries are targeted at those who plan to have a craft career in Wales but have been prevented from starting or continuing their training as a result of financial hardship.

Principality Building Society Future Generations FundThey are funded by the Ashley Family Foundation (all ages) and the Principality Building Society’s Future Generations Fund (25 years old or less) and are part of a suite of awards and bursaries offered by Heritage Crafts to support and celebrate craftspeople. We also have a bursary for non Wales-based trainees we are running concurrently – click here.

Apply for up to £4,000 to start training in a heritage craft or to further develop your skills. 


CrefftwrMany people in Wales are dissuaded from training in heritage crafts because of the cost, and therefore the make-up of the sector is not truly representative of the mix of backgrounds that make up the nation as a whole. This bursary has been set up to help cover or subsidise the cost of training for someone who would otherwise be prevented from pursuing this career path as a result of the cost.

You could be just starting out on your journey in craft or at the point where you want to turn a hobby into a career, or you could already be a maker who is looking to further develop your heritage craft skills.

If you are new to a craft and you would like assistance with finding a trainer, please get in touch and we will do what we can to help. Successful applicants will be supported by the Heritage Crafts team to develop an action plan. We will work with you to monitor progress and support you to achieve your aims.


What can this grant be used for?

There are a number of routes to learning a craft skill. Applicants can apply for a grant for any amount up to £4,000 which can cover or contribute towards:

  • the costs of training with a craftsperson;
  • the costs of attending a specialist training course;
  • the costs of attending an accredited training course;
  • undertaking a self-directed programme of training with one or more craftspeople;
  • the cost of specialist tools or materials, books or study materials (no more than 25% of total budget).

The bursary cannot be used for general living expenses, research, promotional activities or anything else.


How to apply

Please apply by completing the application form, which also contains more information about the bursary including the assessment criteria. We will also accept a video application of no more than 10 minutes in length in which you address all of the questions in the form.

Assessment, shortlisting and final selection will be carried out by the Heritage Crafts judging team, and interviews will be carried out by Zoom.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 8 September 2023. If you have any questions or need assistance with the application process, please email Tess Osman at [email protected].