HM The King and Jay Blades support heritage crafts

26th October 2022  |  ANNOUNCEMENTS

Heritage Crafts President HM King Charles starred alongside Heritage Crafts Co-Chair Jay Blades MBE in an episode of The Repair Shop on 26 October as part of celebrations for the BBC’s centenary.

The monarch chose a piece of pottery made for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and an 18th Century clock to be restored by the programme’s team of experts. The episode was designed to explore his and the show’s shared passion for safeguarding heritage craft skills.

Heritage Crafts Co-Chair Jay Blades MBE said:

“You’ve got someone from a council estate and someone from a royal estate that have the same interests about apprenticeships and heritage crafts and it is unbelievable to see that two people from so far apart, from different ends of the spectrum, actually have the same interests.”

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