Heritage Crafts / QEST Environmental Sustainability award

3rd March 2024  |  ANNOUNCEMENTS

Heritage Crafts / QEST Environmental Sustainability award

Deadline: 24 May 2023, 5pm

Heritage Crafts and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) are again running an Environmental Sustainability Award in 2024, this year with two £1,000 prizes, open to any craftsperson or micro-business, working with traditional craft skills or materials, who has improved their environmental sustainability within the last 12 months.

This prestigious award is divided into two prizes, each honouring a distinct aspect of environmental stewardship. One of the prizes will be given to a craftsperson or microbusiness demonstrating an innovative approach to environmental sustainability, rarely before seen, that can act as inspiration for others to explore new ways of thinking and working. The recipient of this prize will have pioneered a truly innovative solution, technique, or process that challenges conventional wisdom and inspires others to explore new horizons in sustainable craftsmanship.

The other prize recognises the achievements of a craftsperson or microbusiness that has made substantial and measurable progress in transforming the environmental impact of their craft business through a series of incremental changes and improvements. The recipient of this prize will have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to sustainability by implementing practical initiatives that reduce waste, conserve resources, and mitigate environmental harm over time.

QEST and Heritage Crafts believe we can (and must) all play a role in building a sustainable future – big ideas can have wide reach, and small changes by many can amount to big changes for all. Both prizes aim to celebrate and reward excellence in environmental sustainability within the crafts sector, acknowledging the diverse approaches and contributions of craftspersons and microbusinesses towards a more sustainable future. The winners of this award serve as role models and catalysts for positive change, inspiring others in the crafts community to embrace sustainability as a core value and guiding principle in their practice.

Judges will include renowned environmental craft advocate Katie Treggiden, author of Wasted: When Trash Becomes Treasure (Ludion, 2020) and podcast Circular with Katie Treggiden, as well as Kerryn Harper-Cuss, independent editor, brand consultant and QEST ambassador, with extensive experience in the interior design sector.

Anyone (including the craftsperson or business themselves), can nominate a craftsperson or microbusiness working with traditional craft skills or materials, for the Heritage Crafts/QEST Environmental Sustainability Award. The winners will be invited to attend a high-profile Winners’ Reception in November 2024, where the results will be announced and the two £1,000 prizes awarded.

Deborah Pocock LVO, CEO of QEST said:

“QEST believes in the potential of craft to contribute to a better, more sustainable environmental future, and we know that there are many talented and pioneering makers leading the way. Through this new award, we are looking forward to seeing how their ideas and approaches might impact their craft sector, and inspire others to make a change.”

Daniel Carpenter, Executive Director of Heritage Crafts said:

“In the 259 crafts (and counting) that Heritage Crafts represents, we know that there is a huge body of knowledge that will be vital in helping both current and future generations tackle the environmental challenges ahead. We are delighted to be partnering with QEST to celebrate our shared sustainability pioneers and role models.”

Nominations are now open and close on Friday 24 May 2024 at 5pm.