Adopt a Potter launches Clay College Stoke Crowdfunder

2nd February 2017  |  ANNOUNCEMENTS

Mugs - photo by Florian Gadsby

Photo by Florian Gadsby

The Adopt a Potter charitable trust has launched a Crowdfunder to raise £20,000 towards the £200,000 total needed to open Clay College Stoke, a not-for-profit, independent training college set up by potters for the new generation of students.

Building on the success of the apprenticeship scheme and developing their remit, Clay College Stoke will be the UK’s first skills-based, independent institution to focus on teaching a new generation of potters the essential skills they require to make a living from their craft. Students will be taught by world renowned potters who share a passion for keeping this tradition alive.

Here’s Lisa Hammond MBE and Chair of Adopt a Potter, who you can also hear speak, along with her apprentice Florian Gadsby, at this years HCA Conference on 6 May 2017 (click here to book).