Heritage Crafts

Trainee of the Year Award


Opening date for applications: 4 March 2024
Closing date for applications: 7 June 2024
Trainee of the Year Award

Award description

Supported by the Marsh Charitable Trust

Heritage Crafts aims to ensure that traditional craft skills survive into the future, and this requires a regular intake of enthusiastic and dedicated new entrants. Identifying and recruiting the right trainee can make the difference to the continuation of heritage craft businesses and in some cases crafts themselves. Broadly classified as ‘trainee’, the award winner could be on a formal apprenticeship scheme, a less formal traineeship, an institution-based course with a high degree of practical training, or even be pursuing ‘portfolio-style’ training comprising of short-courses and workshops, as long as training has formed a significant part of at least twelve months prior to applying.

Anyone, including the trainee themselves, can nominate for this award. Finalists will be expected to attend the high-profile Winners’ Reception in November 2024.

The Marsh Charitable Trust, as part of their commitment to grassroots recognition, is working in partnership with Heritage Crafts in support of the significant work done by heritage crafts volunteers.