Heritage Crafts

Precious Metalworker of the Year Award


Opening date for applications: 24 June 2024
Closing date for applications: 6 September 2024, 5pm
Precious Metalworker of the Year Award

Award description

Supported by The Royal Mint

This award celebrates a heritage craftsperson who has made an outstanding contribution to working with precious metal within the previous 12 months (since 1 July 2023). It recognises a contribution that is far beyond the ordinary, based on a proven dedication to a particular precious metalworking skill. We expect this to be someone who demonstrates the highest level of craft skill and is held in high regard amongst their peers.

The award is open to practitioners of any craft that uses precious metals as its primary material. Examples include (but are not limited to) jewellery making, silversmithing, gilding, hand engraving, medal making, silver spinning, metal thread embroidery, engine turning (guilloché), concert flute making, etc.

Anyone, including the maker themselves, can nominate for this award. Finalists will be expected to attend the high-profile Winners’ Reception in November 2024.