Heritage Crafts

Lifetime Achievement Award


Opening date for applications: 4 March 2024
Closing date for applications: 7 June 2024
Lifetime Achievement Award

Award description

Supported by the Marsh Charitable Trust

This Heritage Crafts Award is to recognise a heritage craftsperson who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to their specific craft over 25 years or more. It will recognise a lifetime’s dedication to a particular traditional skill, resulting in a practitioner operating at the highest level, having made a significant impact on the continued high-esteem in which their craft is held. We expect this to be someone who makes excellent work and has done for a long time, as well as being held in the highest regard amongst their craft peers, but it need not be the most glamorous or high-end craft; we promote the simple, humble crafts too.

Anyone, including the maker themselves, can nominate for this award. Finalists will be expected to attend the high-profile Winners’ Reception in November 2024.

The Marsh Charitable Trust, as part of their commitment to grassroots recognition, is working in partnership with Heritage Crafts in support of the significant work done by heritage crafts volunteers.