The Old Brewery Studios

Basketry and willow sculpture, growing willow and teaching.

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51-53 West Street
Sue Kirk
m: 07415240944


Sue Kirk has been growing willow, weaving baskets and teaching basketmaking in King's Cliffe, North Northamptonshire since 1998. Sue makes traditional and contemporary baskets using several varieties of organically grown willow. Working to commission and creating her own designs for galleries and interior spaces. Sue's work is mainly inspired by curvaceous and bulbous forms. Taking inspiration from natural forms such as pebbles and boulders, man-made forms especially large-scale hand built ceramic vases and the voluptuous shapely figures of women's bodies.

Sue's husband Kirk, who grows and harvests all their willow in King's Cliffe, began making traditional baskets with Sue four years ago. Kirk creates traditional baskets on their online shop, see the website for details.

Sue also teaches basketry throughout the year at her workshop, The Old Brewery Studios. The workshop is open 9am -5pm weekdays. Visitors are advised to call first during April to October when teaching is taking place, as the workshop is closed to visitors. Sue and her husband host professional basketmaking tutors from around the Uk and Europe at The Old Brewery Studios. Details of workshops are available on the website. New workshop details are available from 1st November each year.

Sue is a member of The Basketmakers' Association and is also a Yeoman member of The Worshipful Company of Basketmakers. Sue teaches at West Dean College twice a year, and has also taught at The Basketmakers Association Spring School, the Scottish Basketmakers Circle and The City Lit in London. In 2022, Sue won second prize for her Asymmetric Basket in The Basketry of The Year Competition awarded by The Worshipful Company of Basketmakers.


Mini craft gallery

Large Asymmetric in Greens and Browns
Curvaceous herringbone weave basket with stripy hazel handle
Bulbous oval herringbone weave basket with hazel handle
Large scale interlace basket in greens and blues
Asymmetric Baskets
Bulbous Herringbone Weave Basket with Hazel Handle
Oval Bulbous Basket with Hazel Handle