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Graining & Marbling Tutor & Course Provider, Graining & Marbling, Traditional & Contemporary, New Installations, Conservation & Restoration, Faux Stone Paint Techniques, Granite, Sandstone, Slate and Malachite, Conservation & Restoration, Fantasy Graining, Marbling & Stone Paint Techniques, Broken Colour Work (rag rolling, dragging, stippling, flogging, colourwash),hand cut stencilling.

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123 Seabrook Road
United Kingdom
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Simon Nobs - Marbling and Wood Graining Artist & Teacher
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Traditional decorative paint techniques, like marbling and wood graining, have been used to decorate houses for over two thousand years. However these skills are rapidly disappearing and there are only a few places left now where students are able to learn these amazing crafts from an experienced professional.

To help prevent these skills from dying out altogether, I have developed a number of courses and workshops. They are designed to give anyone with an interest in crafts like marbling, wood graining, stone paint techniques and broken colour paint effects, the ability to tackle projects with confidence and skill.

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Marbling & Graining Studio Workshops
Wood Graining and Broken Colour Paint Effects Class
The Art and Craft of Marbling Class