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Copper cooking pots, kettles, coffee pots, beer mullers, bowls, vases and trinkets, tinplate items

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Unit 22 Imperial Park Rawreth Lane
Robert Fuller
t: 01268782368
m: 07969146315


I've been a tinsmith/sheet metal worker all my working life but have also turned my hand to coppersmithing. 'The Art of Coppersmithing' by John Fuller (published 1894) has been my guide and inspiration. John was my 2nd cousin 4 times removed.

I myself am a 7th generation metal worker, the first being a brazier starting his apprenticeship in 1787.
Many of my ancestors have been tin plate workers/coppersmiths and that is something that has interested me more in recent years

Mini craft gallery

Tinplate container with handle
Kitchen storage containers
Kitchen storage containers
Copper cooking pot, oval shaped
Copper kettle
Copper beer muller
Copper watering can
Copper coffee pot
Copper cooking pot