All About Willow

Traditional and contemporary basketry. Recreating historic baskets, repairs and commissions

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Isle of Eigg
PH42 4RL
Catherine Davies
m: 07760 414790


My husband, Pascal Carr, and I live and work on our croft on the Isle of Eigg. We produce handmade baskets of traditional and contemporary design from willow that we grow organically on our croft.  We leave the bark on and do not strip or process our willow in any way which allows the natural colours of the different species to be used in our baskets. Growing the willow is an integral part of our making process; cutting by hand and drying and grading the harvest gives such an intimate connection with our raw material that it truly inspires us. The versatility and uniqueness of each individual willow rod becomes the dictating factor and driving force in the design and form of our work. We sell direct at national and international events and craft fairs, we exhibit at galleries and specialist outlets and offer demonstrations and courses for all levels of experience, we have taught throughout the UK as well as in France and Spain. We undertake individual commissions for new work and repairs and we can also service large orders to any part of the world. We are the basket makers for the American television series based in 18th century Highland Scotland called Outlander.

Mini craft gallery

Garden obelisks
Boulder Basket
Split rib platter
Rectangular Shopper
Log baskets
Zig Zag Bowl
Gathering basket
Pair of Donkey Creels
Small log basket
Grouse Pannier
Laundry basket
Large rectangular log basket
Funky shoppers
Celtic knot basket
Frame baskets
Large spiral weave bowl
Fishing basket
Hen baskets
Scottish Back Creel