Shane and Jacqueline Skelton – Skelton Saws

8th July 2016  |  ALUMNI | AWARD WINNERS

Shane and Jacqueline SkeltonWinner of the 2016 HCA/Marsh Made in Britain Award

Skelton Saws are this years winners of the Made in Britain Award. Inspired by the master saw makers of the 18th century, Shane and Jacqueline Skelton have resurrected saw making in Britain for the first time in more than 100 years.

They make a number of different saws, all of them bespoke, sourcing their materials – wood, brass, steel – from the UK, often from the area surrounding their workshop.

They work with a furniture-making faculty at a college in Warwickshire and, later this year, Shane will be holding one-day courses on saw sharpening to share his skills.


We were encouraged to apply for one of the HCA awards by one of our lovely customers, who thought that our efforts to resurrect the traditional handmade craft of saw making completely fitted the criteria for an award. Although unexpected, we were both delighted and honoured at winning the ‘Made in Britain Award’ 2016. Winning has allowed us to promote this accolade within our marketing material and we too have featured in both HCA and Marsh Awards literature, which can only be good for business. Since winning we have actively encouraged other makers to apply, as we feel it is a great opportunity for often unknown British talent and craftsmanship to be brought to the fore.


Photo: Shane and Jacqueline Skelton being presented with their certificate by Nick Carter, Marsh Christian Trust