Niam Chauhan – violin maker

6th February 2022  |  ALUMNI | AWARD WINNERS

Winner of the 2021 Heritage Crafts / Marsh Trainee Award

Niam ChauhanThe Heritage Crafts / Marsh Trainee of the Year award was won by Niam Chauhan, violin maker.

Niam is studying at the Newark School of Violin Making, but began learning violin maintenance from the age of 13, before starting an informal apprenticeship with the late luthier and clock-maker John Bedingfield at the age of 16. Violin maker Melvin Goldsmith said: “[During my 30 years as a professional violin maker,] I have had some excellent students of the craft visit my workshop but of them all Niam is the outstanding example.”

Photo: Nick Carter, Marsh Charitable Trust, presenting the award to Niam Chauhan, Heritage Crafts / Marsh Trainee of the Year winner 2021