Martin Frost – fore edge painter

8th May 2017  |  ALUMNI | AWARD WINNERS

Martin Frost – fore edge painter

Martin FrostWinner of the 2017 HCA Maker of the Year

The last remaining professional fore edge painter Martin Frost was awarded the HCA Maker of the Year.

Martin took up the craft of vanishing fore-edge painting in 1970, continuing an English tradition that dates back to the 17th Century. Since then he has produced over 3,300 edge-paintings, many of which have elaborate multiple and split images on each book. Many of the antique books that he works on first require careful restoration which he does to ensure that both the paintings and book survive for further centuries.

Both his undiminishing commitment to the craft as an artist and his untiring endeavors to raise its profile, have earnt him great respect from both collectors and fellow craftspeople and have made a considerable impact on the history of this under-recognised craft.

Photo: Martin Frost being presented with his certificate by Ian Keys, HCA Chair