James Portus – Fishstock Brixham

17th April 2013  |  ALUMNI | AWARD WINNERS

Winner of the 2012 Marsh Heritage Crafts Volunteer Award

Jim Portus is the organiser, creative director and driving force behind Fishstock Brixham. Fishstock is a one day event, that requires a great deal of work all year round and is a celebration of the fishing heritage and the crafts associated with the maritime industry.

2011 was the third event focusing on showcasing heritage skills across the fishing industry, including trawl making, withy pot making, net making, metal rope splicing and included as a highlight the sea shanties of the Port Isaac Fishermen’s friends. The event was the inspiration of Jim Portus and takes place due to the extensive hours, commitment and dedication that he gives to the event.

Without the enthusiasm and commitment to Fishstock Brixham, the old crafts related to fishing and it’s heritage would not be showcased in Brixham during Fishstock. The event gives the general public the ability to not only watch but also take part in the craft making and celebrate the skills through watching craftsmen at work. Jim’s aims and objectives are to promote the crafts and skills through intergenerational opportunities throughout the day.