Carréducker – shoemakers

8th May 2017  |  ALUMNI | AWARD WINNERS

Deborah CarréWinner of the 2017 HCA/Marsh Made in Britain Award

Carréducker are this year’s winners of the Made in Britain Award. Deborah Carré and James Ducker both left previous careers to become shoemakers and completed traditional apprenticeships in English handsewn shoemaking with a master shoemaker for John Lobb.

They founded Carreducker in 2004 making bespoke shoes and boots exclusively for private customers. They use the best materials sourced from British tanneries and suppliers with lasts from Northampton; oak bark tanned soling leather comes from Bakers in Devon; upper leathers from Northampton; exotics from Walsall; and the patterns made and shoe uppers stitched by specialists based in Wales, Bristol and London.

Their vision is to reignite the British shoe industry by working with specialist, artisanal manufacturers that specialise in specific construction methods to produce high quality, British-made, ready-to- wear shoes and boots.

Photo: Deborah Carré being presented with her certificate by Nick Carter, Marsh Christian Trust